Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Football Season is here!!

It hasn't quite felt like Fall yet around here. In Central California, we don't quite get that season-changing feeling like other states do. No nice warm weather inching into cooler tones...nope...we go from hot, to cool, with maybe a few days here and there of perfect warmth. We know the seasons are changing when the corn crops get cut, the cotton starts blooming, and when football takes over the high schools and Monday night programming.

A local high school had their first game last Friday night, and I got a request for a football-themed cookie platter to wish the head coach good luck. Having just received my new toy, I wanted to try out a few of the cookies custom to the school mascot. I think they turned out great!

HS mascot picture...and the image piped onto the cookie

Another one, done as a transfer and "glued" onto a helmet


A Goal Post...Score!

...and the platter as a whole.

The football player was pretty plump
 as a gingerbread man cut-out,
but I tried to trim him down some with
cosmetic airbrushing a-la-icing.

Icing seems to have the opposite affect on me...but that's another story!

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