Monday, October 18, 2010

Lil Buckaroo

Sorry for the lack in posting...projects have gotten the better of me, as well as playing with my new Silhouette!

Here's a "Lil Buckaroo" cake I did for a baby shower, to go along with the invitation. It was the first cake I did using my Silhouette cutter package from Linda McClure of Deseret Designs. Her instructional DVD is fabulous and it helped out so much in the process.

The cake is a 10" bottom and 8" top. Iced with buttercream and covered in homemade white chocolate fondant. One is filled with a cheesecake mousse and the other is a raspberry mousse. The paisley-bandana print is royal icing. The rope is gumpaste/fondant, as are the cow-prints. I made the rope tassels using this clay gun. Don't bother with a plastic-push extruder...they are a piece of you-know-what.

The cowboy is cut out using my Silhouette, with details added in with my edible ink pens. The writing is iced in royal.

The top cake, well, it almost didn't make the event. The cakes were loaded separately in the car, and when I got there the top had slid about halfway off of it's base...

Thankfully, it moved as one and I carefully just pushed it back into place. Sometimes buttercream "glue" just can't be trusted.

 ::making mental note to always use melted chocolate::

::and also to not forget my camera::

Also requested for the baby shower were bandana-print cookies:

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  1. Lovely cake! And all the details of party are pretty pleasing. Went for a reception dinner of my known at one of the lavish Chicago wedding venues couple of weeks back. Also the dishes were garnished and decorated with superb toppings. Platters and crockery used seemed to be royal. Photo booth stations were done for professional photography.